Tim Synth

photo 3 (5)Tim  Synth on Keys

Good synthesizer players have been hard to come by in The Secret Post’s history. That is why when Timothy DeCasper came around to try out for the band; TSP was certain they had found their man. Out of the town of Bradford Pennsylvania, home of Case Knives, Zippo Lighters, and Quaker Motor Oil, Tim was raised in a working man’s environment; and work he does when taking the stage with The Secret Post.

Tim Synth as commonly referred to as, comes from a family very diverse in musical influence. As a little tyke, he could be found thumbing through the family record collection and listening to artists like Ray Charles, Tina Turner, James Brown, and the Rolling Stones; all while reading through the covers and looking at pictures.

“When I was in first grade I had some Elvis trading cards. I liked them because the guy had a guitar and sang. I remember one day a classmate, Chris Hannon, whose dad owned a butcher shop in town, brought some cards up to me. They were Kiss cards. The very first card on top was Gene Simmons spitting blood. I asked my classmate; who are these people? This is what I want to do. After school we went to his house listened to what would become my favorite bands at the time; Kiss and Abba.”

Tim started his musical ventures as a drummer. Before he even took his first steps, he was creating his first beats; dragging out his parent’s pots and pans from the cupboards and “beating the hell out of them,” as he put it.

As he grew into his new found talent and love, he found particular interests in musicians like John Bonham, Tommy Lee, Clyde Stubblefield, Carter Beauford, Keith Moon, and Mitch Mitchell. As he grew as a musician further, he found bands like The Cure, Bauhaus, New Order, and David Bowie; which most definitely can be heard in his contributions with TSP.

Around 2008, Tim met The Post front man Zach Wiser at a party in Tulsa. After listening to a demo Zach had provided, Tim found himself impressed with what he heard and wanted to be a part of this new band “ruining” Tulsa. After coming to terms with his former group, Elliot and the Letter Ostrich, Tim found he didn’t fit with the group and decided to part ways. His next goal was to join with The Secret Post. It just so happened that TSP was in desperate need of a keyboard player who understood the direction the band wanted to go. After talking once again with Zach, explaining his former status with ELO, The Secret Post opened a try out for Tim. The following day, Tim received a phone invitation to become the next TSP synth player.

Beginning as a drummer, Tim Synth had spent his time honing his musical skills on other instruments, and the time was well spent. They say ‘luck is where preparation meets opportunity’, and in Tim’s case his preparation is evident. He likes to keep in the shadows with his tools of ruin which produce the dark atmospheric back drop on which the band layer their sounds. Meeting Tim in person you will find that his physical presence matches that which you will witness on stage. Next time you see a flyer around your city announcing the arrival of The Secret Post; be there. Tim Synth will be there; piercing your mind and ears with other worldly sounds which complete The Secret Post experience.

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  1. That’s awesome, I can testify being his sister he started at a very young age lol so proud of him. 🙂