photo 2 (5)M – BASS

Stepping onto the scene from Tulsa, Oklahoma the bass player for The Secret Post is Matt Daniels (aka M). The gigantic mechanical yet completely danceable bass lines dropped by TSP’s small framed bass player are influenced from the likes of Peter Steele of Type O Negative and Simon Gallup of The Cure.

Inspired into the music scene by the likes of Interpol and The Cure, M shares a love for “the dark 80’s and most any progressive music which blurs the lines between genera’s”, bringing a renewed dynamic to The Secret Post since replacing their former bassist in 2011. When asked about his musical influences M had no hesitations.

“If you want to get down to the finer detail then overall I’d say my influences are Martin Gore, Trent Reznor, and Prince. All three are multi-instrumentalists, like me, who know not only the skill of what it takes to play a certain instrument but also know and are not afraid of the technology behind it.”

When not playing with the band M runs and operates a part time studio called Death & Taxes Sound Studios, and worked with multiple acts; Madewell, Emma and RadioRadio to name a few. When he’s not working in the studio or playing with The Secret Post, M takes time to work on designing/building his own synthesizer.

“I’d ideally like to have completed by next summer, I am often learning about music in some way in most of my downtime, but if I need a break from music, because no one wants to become burnt out, I find a book, film or really anything with a great story to immerse myself in to escape for just a little bit.”

Needless to say if the guy is building his own synthesizer, he must be a gear head. This is surely an understatement… M has an array of basses, pedals, keyboards, amps, cabs, and studio equipment galore all of course stored under a highly secured undisclosed “secret” location. Enough said.

M does have a very interesting backstory concerning his two main beautiful basses, Maddy and Laura…

“My main live bass is a 70s Fender P Bass, it’s Olympic white with a black pick-guard, slim profiled maple neck and a custom pickup that is kept secret by a chrome pickup cover, her name is Madison or Maddy if you will, named after Maddy Ferguson from Twin Peaks, more on that in a moment.”

“I chose this P Bass because it has a “sister” bass which is my main studio bass, an Olympic white Fender Jazz Bass with a custom EMG setup, it also has a maple neck, a black pick-guard and a chrome pickup cover named Laura after Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks, my main studio and main live basses are almost perfect mirror images of each other like Maddy and Laura were in Twin Peaks, there is only one ever so slight difference between them, so that’s how I ended up with that P Bass.”

Coming into a new band always presents challenges no matter the circumstances. I asked M what those circumstances were and what were some of the big challenges he faced in becoming the “low end” producer for TSP?

“I joined December of 2011. Zach had asked me to join before, on keys, and I did temporarily. I played keys at one show with the band. But when my predecessor wasn’t working out Zach called and asked me to reconsider and instead of keys he wanted me to play bass. I was pretty elated that he had asked and I was more than ready to do it and get back to playing live shows. I had only done maybe 6-8 live shows with my band X’s and O’s before joining The Secret Post.  In that band I was on vocals and 2nd guitar; being 2nd guitar my guitar would come in and out so it wasn’t a steady thing. Playing with The Secret Post on bass as something that is pretty much continuously going was a big change for me; but a challenge I was ready for because I’m always looking to expand my ability and knowledge of music.”

Q. What was the overall biggest challenge for you personally?

“To “Feel” the music, by that I mean that I am a perfectionist and at times mechanical, I don’t like surprises, but Zach lives for them and I’m starting to entertain the “Feeling” aspect more and more but in return he also entertains my mechanical ways.”

And your most memorable TSP performance thus far?

“Our CD Release show at The Vanguard, it was the first official and professional recording released by The Secret Post which was pretty important to me on multiple levels because not only did I play on the record I also produced and engineered it at my studio, mix that with the fact we did 2 sets that night, a Punk and Post-Punk set, I’d say in my opinion it’s hard to beat that night…”

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

“Tina, who somehow manages to put up with me more and my misadventures probably more than anyone ever should. Lonzo at Guitar Modz by Zo… he is my tech who not only entertains all my crazy ideas and notions about my instruments, but helps me bring them to life.He and I are currently working on building a bass for from the ground up, we recently just built the “foundation” for it.”

That’s M in a nutshell everyone…go check out his killer bass grooves with the rest of The Secret Post for a performance you will never forget.