Bynar’s Indie Disco

Bynars Indie Disco

Established in 2007 by Bynar, a mash-up artist / DJ / Radio Producer, Bynars Indie Disco is a music blog dedicated to spreading the indie / post-punk subculture and exposing people’s ears to good music. It aims to serve as a spotlight for new and under-the-radar independent artists that don’t have a large amount of mainstream exposure by featuring handpicked mashupscoversremixesfree MP3 downloadsguest mixesmusic videosacoustic sessionscompilations, as well as links to Bynar’s archived radio shows and indie rock podcasts. Last but not least, Name That Tune! is a contest designed to test your musical knowledge while giving you a chance to win prizes.

If you are an indie rock / post-punk / alternative / shoegaze / new wave artist, band, remixer or producer who would like to share and promote your music through this blog, please get in touch via the Music Submission page. Live long and prosper.

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