About The Secret Post

The Secret Post is about sex, death, despair, and love…

About, Sexwave, Post-Punk, New Wave

The Secret Post is the brainchild of Zachariah Wiser. TSP came into existence in early 2004, as an outlet for Zachariah’s Post-Punk/New Wave influences to flourish. TSP started out as Zachariah alone; recording home demo’s in California, all while performing live shows with another great band, WiseMan. Zachariah moved back from California to his home town of Tulsa Oklahoma in the summer of 2006 and quickly began the hunt for new members to make his project come to life. The Secret Post made a huge impact on the Tulsa scene a few short months later with a string of shows unlike that of which Tulsa had not seen in years. With Post-Punk long gone, the band decided to bring it back with the passion and stature of a brand new genre. The band is led by Zachariah’s brooding vocals, and metaphorical lyrics about sex, death, despair, and love…with his melancholic and sometimes staccato jerky rhythm guitar leading the way. He is backed by Nicoli on the drums. Pounding like a ton of sullen bricks, Nicoli created a driving and steady flow for M on bass guitar. Reminiscent of Peter Hook/Simon Gallup’s attack/lead style of playing, M holds down a rigid and brain numbing line of rhythm. Finally, there is Timothy DeCasper on synth who masters a thick stringed wall of sound for Zachariah’s vocal revelations. The Secret Post is stronger than ever, and has started an attack on the scene once again to strike at the core of your heart and soul, and make their presence known. With influences such as The Cure, Bauhaus, The Chameleons UK, Interpol, The Sound, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, and The Cult brimming in their music, how can they go wrong? The EP entitled “Fields of Fire” debuted November 17th, 2012 and is going viral.